Term of Use

You are welcome to use the services of November 11 online shopping website (hereinafter referred to as this “website”). This website is operated by November 11. Users of the “Service”) should read the following terms of service in detail. If you accept the service, you agree to accept all the provisions of the terms of service. If you do not agree to all or part of the following provisions, please do not participate in this service. The company reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the terms of service. All changes or modifications will take effect immediately when the modified content is published on this website. You agree that the company does not need to give you special notices for the above modifications.

Notes for members

1. This website has the right to modify or change the content of the terms of service at any time based on needs, and publish it on the website. It is recommended that you pay attention to relevant modifications or changes at any time.

2. When you continue to use any of the services provided by this website after the terms of service have been modified or changed, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept such modifications or changes. If you do not agree with all or part of the content of the Terms of Service, or the laws of your country or region exclude the application of all or part of the content of the Terms of Service, you should immediately stop using the service.

3. If you are under the age of 20, in addition to meeting the above requirements, you should register or use this service only after your legal representative has read, understood and agreed to all the contents of the terms of service and subsequent modifications or changes. website. When you use or continue to use any of the services provided by this website, it is presumed that you have obtained your legal representative’s consent to use this website, and your legal representative has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of these terms of service and subsequent amendments or changes.

Correction and Update of Member Information

1. When you register as a member of this website through this website, you should fill in correct and complete personal information.

2. When personal information changes, please update the data in real time in the member center of this website to ensure its correctness.

3. If you provide any wrong or false information, or lack of necessary information, or the original information is not true, the company has the right to suspend or terminate your account, and refuse you to use all or part of this service part. If the information you provide is wrong, untrue, or one of the other similar things, causing damage to the rights and interests of you, a third party or the company, you must handle it yourself and bear the relevant legal and compensation responsibilities, and the company has nothing to do with it.

Custody and Security of Member Account

1. Your member account is for your personal use only, and cannot be lent, transferred or shared with others. The behavior of your member account after logging in to this website is regarded as your own behavior, and all transactions are deemed valid.

2. You are obliged to properly keep the member account, password and other relevant information. After logging in and connecting each time, you must log out of the system to end the use of the account. You can change your personal password as needed, and the company recommends changing your personal password frequently, and avoid using the same password as that of other websites to maintain the security of your member account.

3. If you find or suspect that the personal information in the member account has been illegally used by others or any security problems occur, please notify the company immediately by phone, email, etc.; if your account password is indeed stolen by others When using, the company will ask you to provide relevant personal information for verification, and you agree that after the verification is completed, the company will restrict or suspend the authority of the disputed account.

4. If your member account and password are illegally used by others due to your negligence in safekeeping or consent to the use of the account by a third party, and the rights and interests of you, the third party or the company are damaged, you must handle it yourself and bear the relevant legal obligations and liability for compensation shall have nothing to do with the company.

Member Product Matters

1. The product information displayed on the product transaction page is part of this service.

2. The products ordered by members on this website may be returned within 7 days after receiving the products, unless there are reasonable exceptions in accordance with the law. However, the aforementioned 7-day appreciation period is not a trial period. The return fee will be deducted accordingly.

3. Members who return goods on this website should attach complete packaging. If members have requested paper invoices during consumption, they must return the paper invoices along with the merchandise when returning the goods.

4. When members return goods on this website, this website will process invoices and sales return certificates on their behalf to speed up the return and refund process.

5. If a member places an order that exceeds the upper limit of product purchases, this website will only ship according to the upper limit of the product.

6. After the member orders the product, if any return or exchange, cancellation of the order, or other behaviors that cause trouble or damage to the operation of the website or the company, the company may refuse the transaction or permanently cancel the membership depending on the situation.

Advanced Service

1. This website may communicate with you about transactions you initiate on the service, respond to your communications with us through the service, or send marketing-related messages by SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, WeChat or other electronic means directed to your device.

2. If you receive a discount, coupon or gift code from this website, in addition to the terms and conditions of that specific code, the following terms and conditions will also apply:
(1) All discounts, coupons and gift codes cannot be exchanged, refunded, replaced or exchanged for cash or prepaid.
(2) Once the discount, coupon or gift code period expires, it will be void immediately and cannot be refunded or extended.

Intellectual Property

The software or programs used on this website, and all content on the website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, arrangement of website screens, and webpage design, are legally owned by the company or other rights holders. , including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how. No one is allowed to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, distribute, distribute, publicly publish, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble. If you want to quote or reproduce the aforementioned software, program or website content, you must obtain the prior written consent of the company or other obligees in accordance with the law. It is your obligation to respect intellectual property rights. If there is any violation, the rights of the right holder or the company will be damaged, and you must handle it yourself and bear the relevant legal and compensation responsibilities.


1. The company may stop or terminate all or part of the service provided based on the consideration of maintaining transaction security and business needs, or when it is found that members have misappropriated other people’s information or violated the terms of service. Members cannot request this Company to provide any compensation or compensation.

2. In this Terms of Service, when all or part of any clause is invalid, other clauses shall still be fully valid. The interpretation and application of the terms of service, as well as disputes related to the terms of service, shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the local courts of Hong Kong shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court.